Detachment 875 | Air Force ROTC

Please download the IMT Lotus Viewer from the AFDPO from the Air Force Distriburiton Publishing Office. Although it is not required to us the ".xfdl" format, many of the forms you will fill out during your AF and AFROTC tenure will require Lotus Viewers. It is highly recommended that you use IMT where needed.

If you are using the "xfdl" format, right click the ".xfdl" link and choose "save target as", and save the file to your computer before using.


List of items

For downloadable instructions ".pdf" Click here

  • AFROTC IMT 20, Application for AFROTC Membership (.xfdl) | (.pdf)
  • AFROTC IMT 35, Certification of Involvement with Civil, Military, School Authorities/Police (.xfdl) | (.pdf)
  • AFROTC FORM 500 – Restrictions on Personal Conduct in the Armed Forces (.xfdl) | (.pdf)
  • Attachment 11, Drug Demand Reduction Program MOU (.pdf)
  • DD FORM 93, Record of Emergency Data (.pdf)
  • AF IMT 3010, USAF Statement of Understanding for Dependent Care Responsibility (.xfdl) | (.pdf)
  • Air Force Fm 16 (.pdf)
  • Statement of Understanding Air Force Dependency Policy (.docx)
  • DD Form 2005, Privacy Act Statement, Health Care Records (.pdf)
  • AF Form 2030, USAF Drug and Alcohol Abuse Certificate (to be completed in person (Print but do not fill out)) (.xfdl) | (.pdf)
  • Record of Bio Information (.pdf)
  • DD Form 2058 State of Legal Residence Certification (.pdf)
  • SF1199A Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form(.pdf)- Also, bring a cancelled check.
  • Current Updated Immunizations Record
  • Birth Certificate (Original)
  • Signed Social Security Card/Number (Original)
  • Pre-Participatory Sports Physical (Requires doctors Signature) for Non Scholarship only .xfdl | .pdf
  • Air Force Fitness Questionnaire (.pdf)
  • Copy of Medical Insurance Card
  • Privacy Act Statement (.pdf)
  • dd2983 (pdf)
  • DODMETS Application - Print, Fill out and return (.pdf)

Follow the instructions below for each form.

AFROTC 20 - This is a general information sheet and for the most part is self-explanatory. Ensure you complete all blocks with the required information (i.e. full address, complete academic major, etc.) The form is continued on the reverse side. Sign and date in both areas indicated. Note- For question number 7, if you answered yes, please annotate in the remarks section the following information:

  • Date of Physical
  • Location of Physical

AFROTC Form 35 - Read paragraphs a, b, and c, carefully. Print your full name on the blank line immediately below paragraph c. Then complete section II with all required information. If you have no involvements, please write "None" where it asks for the type of involvement. Sign and date the form where it asks for signature of cadet. Read and Initial the statement at the bottom of the remarks section. DO NOT SIGN BELOW THIS POINT

AFROTC FORM 500 - Read the entire form. Only sign the first block Date of application

DD FORM 93 - (PENCIL ONLY) Read the Instructions to Service Member paragraph. Only fill out sections 1, 2, 3a (Air Force), 6a and b, 7a and b, 8a and b (If applicable), 9a and b (We suggest a parent), 13 a and b, DO NOT SIGN THIS FORM. Your signature must be witnessed by detachment personnel.

AF Form 883 -(print 2, turn in one) Read the entire form. Write the statement "I have read, understand and have received a copy the above", Sign and date in the white area above the DISCLOSURE IS VOLUNTARY notice.

AF Form 3010- Indicate marital status in Section I. Initial each paragraph in the box to the right in Section II. If you do not have any dependents (husband, wife, children) write "None" and initial beside the word "None" in section III. Complete Section IV only.

Statement of Understanding Air Force Dependency Policy - Fill in your name in the first blank line. Read paragraph (a) and initial beside (Applicant). Sign below paragraph (b) on the signature and date line provided. DO NOT sign anywhere else on this form.

AF Form 2030 - Read sections I and II carefully. Then answer each question by placing your INTIALS (NOT CHECKS or "NONE") in the appropriate box. For Section III, read each statement and INITIAL in the box at the end of each statement.

Record of Biographical Information - Complete and sign the form. Indicate if you want to grant the Pay NCO to review your statements and if you want to release info to your parents or guardian. If something does not apply to you write "N/A".

D Form 2058 - Complete and sign the form. Indicate what your legal state of residence.

SF1199A - Complete and sign form. This form is not just for scholarships. In order to receive ANY monetary entitlement from AFROTC this form needs to be completed.

Current Updated Immunizations Record - Provide current copy of full immunization a record. It must show your name as well as the medical facility issuing the record.

Birth Certificate / Signed Social Security Card (Number) - Provide originals to be photocopied at the detachment

Pre-Participatory Sports Physical and Air Force Fitness Questionnaire - In order to participate in AFROTC PT you need to provide documentation saying you can do so. The physical that you are taking for VTCC is acceptable. In addition to the physical please fill out the Air force Fitness Questionnaire.

If you are not on scholarship, or have not completed a DODMERB Physical, you will be scheduled for one shortly after you arrive to campus. In order to do so, Please complete the DODMETS Application (Print and fill out), and return to the NCO office. (Email is acceptable- send to | subject: DODMETS Application)

When you arrive for orientation, you should bring these with you. Also, listed below are a few ways you can expedite the process:

Please type all documents
  • Fax: (540)231-3331 Attn: Detachment NCO office
  • Scan and email in .pdf format to
  • Mail to:
  • AFROTC Det 875
    Attn: NCO Office
    320 Stanger St.
    Blacksburg, VA 24060-0204
  • All incoming Cadets are required have the following items completed when you come back to school in August. We cannot complete your record without the following:

  • (Original) Birth Certificate or Naturalization paperwork
  • (Original) Signed Social Security Card
  • Direct Deposit

If you have any questions, you can contact the Detachment
NCO office at 540-231-6405 or Thanks, we look forward to seeing you at the beginning of school.