Detachment 875 | Air Force ROTC

In addition to your normal college coursework, you will take ROTC courses. Virginia Tech offers the following classes and labs to prepare you to lead on active duty.

Aerospace Studies Courses

Classroom Courses

These courses are primarily for Air Force ROTC cadets, but civilian students can sign up as well. Typically, cadets take one every semester until all eight are completed.


AS 100, Freshman
Listed as AS 1115 & 1116
Introduction to the Air Force

1-credit courses focusing on:

  • Mission and organization of the Air Force
  • Officership and professionalism
  • Military customs and courtesies
  • Air Force officer opportunities
  • Introduction to communication skills


AS 200, Sophomore
Listed as AS 2115 & 2116
The Development of Air Power

1-credit courses focusing on:

  • Air power from balloons to stealth bombers
  • Historical review of air power employment
  • Evolution of air power concepts and doctrine
  • Air Force communication skills


AS 300, Junior
Listed as AS 3215 & 3216
Air Force Management & Leadership

3-credit courses focusing on:

  • Integrated leadership and management study
  • Concepts and skills required by the successful leader and manager
  • Individual motivational and behavioral processes
  • Leadership, management, military ethics, communications, and group dynamics


AS 400, Senior
Listed as AS 4215 & 4216
National Security Forces

3-credit courses focusing on:

  • US National Security Policy
  • Evolution of strategy
  • Management of conflict
  • Civil-military interaction, military justice

Leadership Laboratory (LLAB)

Cadets are required to participate in LLAB every semester.


AS 2944
AFROTC Leadership Laboratory

This one-credit pass/fail learning lab allows cadets to practice and demonstrate mastery of the leadership skills that are essential to an Air Force officer.

Activities include:

  • Drill and ceremonies
  • Briefings
  • Event Planning
  • Program Management
  • Field Training Preparation
  • Group Leadership Problems (GLP's)

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Team-building exercises

Freshmen are initially put into followership roles. Cadets earn more responsibility and leadership roles as they progress through ROTC.

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The Cadet Wing formed up in front of Lane Hall

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Learning about potential careers



Air Force Physical Fitness
Listed as AS 2934

1-credit physical training course

  • Listed as a normal class, AS 2934
  • Offered 0815-0915 either M/W or T/TH
  • Will not be able to take 0905 (M/W) or 0930 (T/TH) classes
  • Will take Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) once per semester
  • View complete score tables here

Cadet Status

Cadets' experience falls into the following categories:

  • AS 100, first-year student
  • AS 200, second-year student, preparing for Field Training
  • AS 250, first-year cadet with prior college experience; dual-enrolled in AS 100 and AS 200
  • AS 500, completed first two years but has not yet attended Field Training
  • AS 300, third-year student, finished Field Training
  • AS 400, fourth-year student, ready to commission
  • AS 700/800, fifth-year student, Extended Cadet; graduated from the Corps