Detachment 875 | Air Force ROTC

So you want to fly for the U.S. Air Force? Air Force ROTC is a great entry to military aviation. Det 875 commissions Pilot, Combat Systems Officer (CSO, formerly called navigator), & Air Battle Manager trainees every year and offers several benefits to help you get these coveted positions.

Want to Fly?

Categorization, the process of applying for rated officer positions (pilot, CSO, & ABM), takes place one year before graduation - typically your junior year, or senior year if you're a 5-year cadet. The process is competitive, but you'll have several years to establish a strong reputation as a cadet beforehand. Rated categorization selection criteria

What Determines Whether I Get a Rated Slot?

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An F-22 Raptor refuels

There are specific formulas to determine who receives rated slots. They incorporate your grades, PFA score, AFOQT scores, Field Training results, and how you rank among your peers. For pilots, it also includes your TBAS score and number of logged flight hours. Bottom line: excel in academics, stay fit, and be a team player! There are also obviously many medical requirements, but waivers to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis are not uncommon.

Det 875 Rated Officer Statistics

  • From 2012 to 2016 our cadets have had a 100% selection for rated positions such as Pilot, CSO, ABM, and RPA. We've had over a 90% average since 2008.

SOAR Glider Flights

  • Det 875 cadets also have the opportunity to fly gliders at the New Castle International Gliderport.
  • Experience the thrill of unpowered flight as you take the controls of modern gliders under the watchful eye of an experienced Blue Ridge Soaring Society pilot.
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    Relaxing between flights

Air Force Flyers

  • Organization unique to Det 875 for cadets interested in becoming Pilots, Combat Systems Officers, and Air Battle Managers
  • Get help preparing for categorization
  • In charge of providing Det 875 with flight opportunities

If you end up not receiving a rated slot, remember that there are many other amazing opportunities in the world's greatest Air Force, including intelligence, special operations, maintenance, space & missiles, communications, logistics, security forces, and engineering.