Detachment 875 | Air Force ROTC

What do you need to know about Air Force ROTC at VA Tech? Learning all about the staff and tests you'll have to take is great, but what is life really like for cadets? Whether it's more about the Corps, learning how to Spend the Night, or specifics on activating your scholarship, we have all the information you need right here.

Information for Prospective Cadets

Critical Information

We send a DVD to prospective students upon request, but you can also access all the information right here.

The following are available as .pdf documents:

  1. VTAF Handout
  2. Checklist for AFROTC Candidates
  3. Physical Fitness Standards
  4. FAQ
  5. Tips for Interview
  6. Rated Categorization Brief
  7. Common Disqualifications

Remember to Bring

Whether or not you have a scholarship, you will need to enroll as an AFROTC cadet. When you arrive for orientation, you should bring the following with you:

  • Photo ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • AFROTC Application and other Paperwork
  • If applicable, please bring documention for:
    • Billy Mitchell, Amelia Earhart or Carl Spattz Awards
    • Boy Scout Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Senior Scout with Gold Palm Award
    • High School JROTC Certificate or letter from unit (2 yrs or more)


Please make sure all transfer/AP credit actions have been completed with the university prior to the start of classes


The Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech

It's hard to describe the Corps in just a few words. It's a 24-hour leadership laboratory, where cadets are in charge of and responsible for themselves and each other. It's a chance to learn first-hand which methods of instruction work--and which don't. Building the experience needed to be successful is what the Corps is all about. Need more information?

  • If you want more information, go to click here to go to the VTCC web page.
  • A letter of recommendation is not required with your Virginia Tech undergraduate application, but a brief note can be helpful to the admissions staff if you have a unique situation that warrants explanation.

Fast Facts

  • Sign up for AS1115, AS2934, and AS2944
  • Members of AFROTC must also be in the Corps of Cadets
  • Cadet applications are handled through the Admissions office
The Crest of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets

The Corps Crest


Spend the Night with the Corps

Do you want to shadow a cadet and learn first-hand what the Corps is really like? Apply to spend the night by clicking here and you'll get to:

  • Attend classes with your host cadet
  • Eat at our dining halls--on our ticket!
  • Have fun at physical training (PT)
  • Take a tour of campus
  • Learn freshman protocol


Burruss Hall at Night

Spend the night