Are you interested in applying for an Air Force ROTC Scholarship? If so, check out the AFROTC scholarship page!


If you are interested in visiting, tours and ROTC information sessions are hosted in conjunction with the Corps of Cadets. Click HERE to learn more about visiting through the Corps!

There are many different programs available:

-Spend the Night

-Spend the Day

-Hokie Preview/Hokie Focus

To join our Air Force ROTC Detachment, all you have to do is check "yes" when asked if you would like to be in the Corps of Cadets on your Virginia Tech application.  Choosing a ROTC program will be handled once you arrive at Tech and are a member of the Corps.

The only other requirements for joining AFROTC?

-Be a resident student at VT during the semester

-Be a member of the Corps of Cadets

-Be in good physical health

No need to worry about obtaining paper work! Once you are accepted, you will receive information about logging on to Canvas.  Canvas is Virginia Tech's main academic website.  You will be added to a New Cadet class that contains all the paperwork you need and when you need to turn it in!

High School Class of 2020 scholarship application due: February 1, 2020

Click HERE to apply!

Want to learn more about the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets? Click HERE

Interested in becoming a Hokie? Click HERE to apply now!

Capt Adams:

(540) 231-6404